CISV offers international and regional programs that lead to peaceful coexistence.

International Programmes

International programs are Village, Step Up, Youth Meeting and Seminar Camp. The offer varies from year to year, the International Office coordinates invitations and delegations.

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1Who travels?
Participants under 16 will travel in their delegations with a trained adult leader who will be over 21 years of age. Participants over 16 are permitted to travel on their own, but will often be met by a host chapter member at the airport.
The campsites vary depending on the host, but they are commonly residential activity centres or schools. As a matter of safeguarding, we have exclusive access to the sites for the duration of the camp. All meals are provided.
bedrooms are seperated based on gender and age. Females seperate from males, adults seperate from children. The room sizes vary depending on the host site.
At CISV Great Britain we prepare our participants and leaders through trainings and delegation meet-ups prior to the camp.
5CISV rules?
CISV Great Britain expects participants to respect other participants as well as the host countries law and culture. You can read a more in depth description of the rules in our Behaviour Policy

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The costs for international programmes vary depending on the program and include full overnight accommodation and catering, organization, training and preparation. You have to be a member of CISV Great Britain. Regional activities without overnight stay are usually included in the membership fee.
Our programmes are available for all ages above 11, we run different programmes based on the participants age so we can tailor the content to their needs. You can find out more about which programmes are for which ages on our International Programmes Page.
Our programmes run activities based on our Educational Content Areas. These will be a mixture of discussion based and more active activities. You can find out more about our approch to learning on our Peace Education page.
Diversity is at the forefront of CISV Great Britain's ideals, this includes ethnic, gender and economical diversity. You can find out more about how we approach diversity here.

Local events

Locally, the Chapter organizes Minicamps as well as monthly meetings for children and young people, excursions and joint activities with other organisations.