CISV activities focus on four content areas. CISV programmes focus on a different content area each year, the same focus is set on a global scale (starting with Diversity in leap years). However, each program is individual, as each program selects and develops its own theme within the thematic area. Peace education takes place age-appropriate and through experience. Therefore, the staff, the leaders and the participants develop their activities mainly related to the camp theme, always considering the three other content areas at the same time.

The CISV Content Areas:


Discovering their own identity participants discover their own position within their community as well as within society, while perceiving diverse identities of others. (more)

Human Rights

Being aware of the influence of Human Rights on one’s own life participants start to discover and inspect the meaning of Human Rights on others and on problems as poverty or violence. (more)

Conflict and Resolution

To work on peaceful solutions people have to understand how conflicts develop and how they can be resolved. (more)

Sustainable Development

Participants develop strategies to ensure economic and social stability based on sustainable and responsible dealing with their environment. (more)

CISV International offers further information concerning the peace education content areas, as well as educational rescources.