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Local Junior Branch (LJB)

A Local Junior Branch is your very own Junior Branch Chapter that you can take part in on a local level. An LJB is represented by two Local Junior Representatives (LJRs) who get elected by your members for a certain amount of time. This person is responsible for making sure that there is local activity happening and that all the JBers are included in this. An LJB is basically where it all goes down and where all the things you’ve learned with CISV can be used. It’s your very own local platform for experimenting and taking action.

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National Junior Branch (NJB)

NJB stands for National Junior Branch. The structure of a National Junior Branch varies from country to country. However, it is most common to have two National Junior Representatives (NJRs)that are chosen for a two year period. They are elected from elections at your National Junior Branch Meeting. An NJR sits for two years at a time. First as junior NJR before they go into their second and final year as senior NJR. In this way they overlap each other and get the training and experience needed for leading a JB.

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[3 Regions, each have a regional team]

International Junior Branch (IJB) have three regions. Europe, Middle East and African JB (EJB), Americas JB (AJB) and the Asia Pacific JB. (APJB) Each region have a team consisting 4 members. Each region have their own regional meetings. In Europe there is the Europe, Middle East and African Junior Branch Meeting (EJBM), in Asia Pacific they have Juniors Asia Pacific Regional Conference (JASPARC) and in the Americas they have the Americas Junior Branch Meeting (AJBM).

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Finally there is the International Junior Branch (IJB) where all chapters, countries and regions belong. Representing the International Junior Branch are the IJRs. The IJRs are elected at The International Junior Branch Conference (IJBC) for a two year period. First year as junior and the final year as senior. This way they overlap each other and get to learn, experience and teach. Besides representing the Junior Branch in CISV they lead the IJB Team. The IJB team consists of 10 members, including the IJRs. The committee members have each their own responsibility in the committee. The areas of responsibility are communication, training, education, evaluation, general supporter and regional liaison.